About flower Attacks

Your flower has three attacks it can use.
  1. Quick attack (thorns)
  2. Splash attack (allergy bombs)
  3. FlowerPower attack (varies depending on the region and the flower you are playing in it)

Pasted Graphic

For quick attacks, simply tap the screen where you want to aim a thorn. Try tapping with multiple fingers at the same time!

For allergy bombs, you can start by touching the flower, and while holding down your finger, pull to the left. You will see the flower “wind up” his allergy bomb. When you release, he will toss the allergy bomb based on how you aimed it. Note that pulling farther away from the flower will result in a longer throw. Aiming is done by pulling above left (for a downward throw) or by pulling below left of the flower (for an upwards toss). Experiment with the angles to see what happens.

For FlowerPower attacks, you must have a fully charged allergy meter (the nut that grows into a rose on the upper right side of the screen). Each time you hit an enemy, you gain some flower power. When the hits are high enough, your allergy meter will glow with power and make a buzzing sound. Then you know you can attack with flower power!

To attack with flower power, simply swipe on the screen (see image above). The swipe should be a right going swipe and is best done in the middle of the screen. This will cause the flower to unleash his particular brand of flower power energy. Note that all nine regions have their own main flower character, and each has its own flower power.