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Summer Solstice is just around the corner and the plants and animals of Flower Valley know there is only one place to be...The Growve! They're putting on a Talent Show and flowers from every region are participating!

While cleaning and getting The Growve ready for the big show, the flowers catch wind of some terrible news--literally! A gust of wind brings in an announcement of a construction project that threatens to destroy their beloved Growve. To make things worse, the project starts on the same day as the Talent Show! Oh no!

Help Florian -- along with a few pals -- use their allergy bombs, quick attacks, and their most powerful weapon, Flower Power, to chase the workers away before they reach The Growve so that the show can go on!

The flowers have decided to fight for their regions. You play the part of the main flower for each region and have to defend and clear your region of the menace that is threatening it. Use your quick attack thorns to poke your enemies. Your allergy bombs can cause enemies to give up and run away. And if you can charge up your FlowerPowerMeter, you can unleash your main weapon - FlowerPower!

Join Florian, Bud, Talia, Larry, Puanani, Clampett and others as they defend their flowery homes.