FlowerPower Character BIO page

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This laid-back dandelion goes wherever the wind takes him and plays his guitar for anyone who wants to listen. His favorite venue is the popular Growve, where all his floral friends can gather together for fun and some groovy music.
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Meadow region - Bud

For a cute, little tulip, this guy's pretty bossy! It's rarely a good idea to get in Bud's way when he's trying to get something accomplished, but on the bright side, he's always organized and knows how to manage his time.
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Swamp region - Clampett

Clampett the venus flytrap is known throughout the floral world for his immense strength. What the other flowers don't know is that he has a secret skill for juggling and sometimes dreams of running away to join the circus.
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Desert region - Spike

This tough talking cactus is a stickler for following the rules and isn't afraid to let any delinquent saplings feel the sting of his needles. But most of the time, Spike's pretty easy to get a long with...as long as you don't mess with his hat.
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Volcano region - Puanani

Although the base of a volcano doesn't seem like an appropriate home for this island beauty, Puanani can't imagine living anywhere else. Her friends come from all over the world to see her dance and breathe fire right next to the lava flows. Strangely enough, she's not a fan of spicy foods.
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Beach region - Larry

Larry, Bird of Paradise. Spends his days soaking up the sun on the beautiful beach, but his real dream is to take to the skies with actual birds. Even though his long leaves don't make for great wings, Larry hopes to be the first flower to fly.
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Rainforest region - Raffi

Raffalesias usually aren't very popular because of their overwhelming stench, but Raffi has never had trouble making friends. He throws the best parties and always knows the right thing to say in any given situation.
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Underwater region - Kook and Carver

Buddies since Kook was a little plastid and Carver was still part of his litter, these two go way back. Kook is a free spirit who would love to go where the current takes him. Carver knows where he is going in life but makes it look so easy as he glides through the ocean.
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Mountain Base region - Blobert

Nobody actually knows what Blobert is or even why he hangs out with flowers, but no one seems to mind. Probably because he's green. Some say he is a mushroom crossed with a toad.
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Floating Island region - Talia

A beautiful crocus flower who was born to DANCE. She puts on an extravagant performance wherever she goes, with a spectacular light show and everything. It seems like Talia's head is up in the clouds most of the time, but none of the other flowers get tired of watching her graceful ballet.